Tanya Rozanes Olevsky

I am a content specialist for social tech, edtech and academic projects.
I help companies, tech enterpreneurs, education specialists and professionals in diverse fields express their idea in writing as well as improve their English for academic and business purposes. I transform one's business ideas into writing in a variety of ways: - Social media - Articles - Whitepapers - Sales pitches - Presentations - Correspondence with sponsors and partners I help research, analyze, and brainstorm content ideas and overcome the language and culture barrier in reaching out to overseas partners

I am passionate about innovation and technical solutions and I always strive to make a positive impact through my work. That's why I am particularly drawn to projects that focus on making a difference in society and education. My skills in brainstorming, creating a content map, transforming ideas into text, and coordinating various types of content for campaigns and projects will be valuable assets to your initiative.

My personal skills
  • I am multilingual and used to a multicultural environment. I have full command of English, Russian and Hebrew, a good level of Italian and French, and a limited knowledge of Korean and Spanish.
  • I am always up to date with content trends and writing tools research, happy to discover and apply my new discoveries.
  • I have a wide clients base and experience in different spheres of writing: .
  • I have a background in technology (Tech Writing diploma), business (over 10 years in the translation field), and academic fields (BA Psychology, BA Literature and language, MA Special Education + over 5 years work in colleges and universities)
  • I love brainstorming ideas and solving language puzzles.
My best cases:
During my 15 years' experience in writing and I worked with small private projects as well as big commercial initiatives.
  • Social tech: Texts for presentations, speeches, correspondence, book and SM articles of Shiran Mlamdovsky Somech, a social tech entrepreneur who promotes technology use for social good. Her most famous project "Listen to My Voice" became viral and promoted awareness of domestic violence using AI-powered tools.
  • Education and manufacturing I created content for SM and a website, as well as texts for client communication and public relations for a business-educational project that involved natural cosmetics manufacturing, vocational training of students with LDs, and the involvement of autistic workers.
  • Sderot Development Foundation. Creating interactive teacher training and development workshops for English teachers in conflict zones.
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