We help teams and individual professionals improve their English for career and academic purposes.
We offer a variety of consultations and mentorship programs on the following topics:
- how to appoach exam preparation (TOEFL, AMIR, IELTS)
- how to estimate your current English level and choose good training materials
- academic writing (thesis, course papers, bibliography overviews, reasearch presentations, etc.)
- dealing with a learning disability
- creating and preparing a business presentation

English Studio Courses Membership
We believe that there is no one way of studying, therefore our business English training includes a variety of formats to integrate learning sessions with real-life modeling. Our studio courses membership includes:
- Weekly Zoom sessions (lesson + practice) based on CEFR levels
- Self-paced study plan
- Monthly meetings with English speakers from around the world for a TED-style lecture or a conversation on a specific topic
- Virtual coworking where people progress- in their English practice, find conversation partners, receive support in completing the tasks
- Presentations creation and delivery sessions

IELTS / TOEFL / AMIR test preparation
We offer courses and individual training for TOEFL, IELTS and other CEFR tests. We save your time by helping you
- get to know the test requirements and structure
- create a detailed preparation plan
- evaluate your knowledge at any stage of the process
- access numerous training materials
- find the best route to your goal score!

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