How does technology help teachers?

Educational Technology
We've explored this question in our recent quest creation workshop in Sderot. I'd like to share the insights...

- ChatGPT can help teachers create engaging fantasy /history/fun stories for ESL lessons

- GPT can adjust the stories to the level of the students

- GPT can create tasks, such as reading comprehension questions, word lists and crossword definitions, as well as gap-filling exercises and much more based on the text

- GPT + Quizlet: teachers can create words lists using GPT and then use Quizlet to create games and cards for learning the words

- GPT + Crosswordlabs: teachers can use AI-created words-and-definitions list to make crossword puzzles in minutes.

Creating quests is motivating, it's fun, it can encourage learners' participation. Today, with the available tech tools, this process is much easier and less time-consuming.

Here's a link to a page with a collection of GPT prompts and video explanations of how to use it for creative teaching:
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