The main reason why you should NOT take our English reading course... And 5 reasons you should.

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In the vast panorama of professional development, one might argue that a reading course could fall into the category of "nice-to-haves," rather than "must-haves."

Indeed, today, if your goal is to write excellent emails or to be able to translate documents or correspondence, you don’t need any reading or writing courses. #chatgpt and other #AI platforms are trained to do just that.

And yes, you do need one, if you'd like

- to pick up on each subtle emotion, and, in your turn, convey your own ones without losing a vibe. Vibes mean a lot.

- to understand meaning behind words.

- to spot and appreciate the hidden irony.

- to render an exact and particular tone of voice.

- to express the YOU you love and want the others to understand. Just like you do in your native language.

What's the practical application of all this? There are many. In leading any negotiations or talks. In a lobby or at the table. In public speaking. In closing a deal. In networking and marketing.

Until you master the instrument you may not realise how much you need it. But once you grasp its magic, you'll witness a remarkable improvement in your communication skills.

Deep knowledge of the nature of words is the treasure of soft skills.

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