Top 5 AI-based Platforms to Improve Your Writing

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Writing high-level content in English might be challenging, especially if English is not your native language. I am super-excited to introduce to you the list of tools that will change the way you write. FOREVER.

All these tools are AI-based (*AI stands for Artificial Intelligence)

  1. Open AI leads the list: it can write, summarise, and even suggest ideas for new texts. And it is completely free. You write a request, for example: "write an email from Tanya to Sam to invite him to the party", and it does so. You can ask it to outline an article for you or create a poem or a blog post based on your key words. It is just magic.
  2. A great AI-based platform for improving your writing is ProWritingAid. Besides using artificial intelligence to analyse your writing and suggest ways to make it better, ProWritingAid goes a step further by also providing detailed explanations of why certain changes should be made. This can be very helpful in understanding how to make your writing better.
  3. Another platform worth checking out is Hemingway App. It helps you to identify and fix errors in your writing, such as grammar mistakes, typos, and incorrect word usage. It also gives you tips on how to make your writing clearer and more concise.
  4. Wordtune takes your draft and makes it better in seconds, providing many versions of the same text for you to choose. It easily integrates into your chrome browser. It's got a free version, which is great, but is limited to 25 edits per day.
  5. Simplified generates marketing copy, social ads, blog writing, tag lines, website content, and more in seconds with Simplified's free AI writer tool that allows editing/writing up to 1000 words per month. With the paid version you can increase it to 20,000 and up (depending on your plan). It's got tons of other useful features, such as SM scheduler and design templates.

I hope you'll start experimenting with all these great platforms and will find a combination that suits you best.

Happy writing!
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