Grammar Books for IELTS

IELTS preparation
We selected the best grammar books essential for IELTS preparation.

A huge part of IELTS preparation is merely improving your English level. That is the reason a careful choice of a good advanced grammar book is essential to one’s success on a test.

I have decided to create a list of my favourite picks (affiliate links for each item are provided for your convenience).

  1. Raymond Murphy - English Grammar in Use: an absolute must for everyone learning English as a foreign language. Covers each topic on a single page only followed by a page of exercises with answers.
  2. Martin Hewings - Advanced Grammar in Use: A more advanced level of the previous book, great for the academic level of English.
  3. Diana Hopkins with Pauline Cullen - Grammar for IELTS: Developed especially for IELTS preparation, this book creates a wize integration of grammatical topics with IELTS test practice.
  4. L.G. Alexander - Longman English Grammar With Key: Another advanced-level grammar book. It is flexible, easy to use and clearly organised, and therefore can be used from any point using the provided index.
  5. Jane Straus - The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation: Punctuation matters, especially in academic writing. This book gives a comprehensive overview of punctuation rules and provides self-checked assignments after each chapter.

Hope you find this list useful. Good luck with your progress and the test!