Just Another Hour in Our Book Club

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Have you ever seen what the theatre looked like back in Shakespeare's time? Our book club group took a virtual trip back to the Elizabethan era to explore the Globe Theater, famous for its open-air setup and unique circular design. This design made actors and the audience interact closely, making every show an 'inclusive' experience in which the audience was almost a part of the play. We also talked about other famous writers of the 16th century, like Christopher Marlowe and Ben Jonson, who, despite many challenges, contributed to a rich period of literary achievements.

In an interesting twist, we discovered how Shakespeare's stories still touch our lives today, especially in movies like "The Lion King," which draws heavily from "Hamlet." We played a fun game comparing quotes from "Hamlet" and "The Lion King."

I must mention that all the materials for the lesson were developed by my last year's students, Shaked, Tom and Geffen, who took independent research projects to create presentations on the above topics.

Finally, it was time to choose a play to dive into in our next sessions. Not surprisingly, the participants chose "Macbeth," a story full of mystery, power struggles, and a mix of serious and lighter moments—a play resonating so much with the spirit of our times.

If you're curious about Shakespeare or enjoy discussing books and plays, our online book club is open to new members. Join us to explore fascinating stories and share your thoughts with others.

Our book club is a safe space to reflect on current events from a completely different perspective and to be encouraged to read more regularly.

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