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Let’s talk about making your teaching materials visually appealing. My personal favourite for that purpose is Canva.

Here are the top features that, in my opinion, make Canva an irreplaceable tool for educators:

🔹 Free Account with Premium Features: Certified teachers can access a free Canva account with premium features, perfect for creating educational materials without breaking the bank.

🔹 User-friendly Design: Canva is organised with non-design professionals in mind, making it easy for anyone to create quality visuals. To start, you just need to click the "Create a design" button, and choose which type of image you need to create.

🔹 Pre-designed Templates: Save time with Canva's vast library of pre-designed templates for presentations, documents, brochures, and more. Most common topics, such as “verbs”, “sentence structure”, etc. can be found in the stock. Just search for keywords like 'modal verbs' and get started!

🔹 Magic Media Tool: Create custom images from scratch with Canva’s AI-powered 'Magic Media' tool. If you don’t find a stock image that suits your topic, provide a verbal description, and AI will draw it for you.

🔹 Element Integration: Add punctuation marks, icons, and other elements to your designs. I particularly like that there are different styles of elements, such as, for example, “pencil drawings”, “caricature”, and more.

To sum it up: do not get overwhelmed by the amount of available features. Just by using 2-3 tools that Canva offers, you will make your materials look great.

Enjoy your teaching!

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I hope you find this helpful.