Business and Academic English
TOEFL and IELTS preparation

Advance your English online with private lessons or in small groups with a program tailored to YOUR needs.
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We offer different learning formats
Find the best format for you to get the results you desire
200 USD per participant per month
Online small group classes
Learn grammar, sharpen your conversational skills, practice speaking and presenting, polish your writing, improve reading and listening, exchange experiences, and acquire learning strategies in a friendly atmosphere of a small group of 5-7 people (based on CEFR levels).
This plan includes four 90-minute meetings a month and an extensive self-study program.
370 USD per month
Online individual classes
Boost your English level focusing on the subject areas and skills you wish to improve at a pace comfortable for you. This plan includes four 60-minute meetings a month and an extensive self-study program.
Our study plans help you build confidence
in all aspects of English
in a way that suits you best
Save your time on searching for the right materials or approaches - we do it for you
Study from the comfort of your own home
See the results from week one
Why choose to study with us
Build up vocabulary in the areas of your interest, both personal and professional - we use versatile interdisciplinary materials to help you do that.

Writing and text processing
Learn effective text-processing tools and writing skills - we are happy to share with you the experience we have accumulated thanks to our work in other industries, such as translation and business consultancy and years of TOEFL, IELTS and other academic exams preparation.
Understanding the industry
Learn how to write a report, analyse data, create a LinkedIn profile and more. We gladly integrate into our lessons the knowledge we have acquired from extensive work with business documentation, as well as academic materials.

Speaking skills
We run 'guest sessions' every month to expose our students to English speakers from all over the world and give them a chance to acquire confidence and prepare them for real life situations.
Besides, we encourage active participation, discussion and dialogue by involving powerful motivational techniques in our lessons.
The simplest way to start
Book your free Zoom meeting
We will meet each other and estimate your English level
Choose your study plan
Decide whether you prefer individual classes or a small group
Pay and get on board!
Once you proceed you payment, you will get a permanent calendar with all the necessary links to start working!
Choose a plan:
Online small group classes

$200 per participant
90 min * 4 times a month
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Online individual classes

60 min * 4 times a month
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Years of teaching academic and business English and exam preparation
Years of teaching and translation experience
Students who have reached their goal
Subscribe to our newsletter to get FREE business and academic English tips and materials!
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