Language training courses
If you are serious and wish to invest into improving your English significantly, this 80-hour online course is for you. Based on CEFR levels and empowered with almost 100 hours of self-practice materials, this intense program consisting of guided sessions and self-practice will take you to a new level of language proficiency.
If you are busy but still want to learn English at your own pace, this course is designed for you. One guided online session per week for a period of 12 weeks, in a friendly small group with almost no homework but lots of optional practice material available for you.
Are you preparing to study overseas or get a working / residency visa to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or UK? IELTS exam (general or academic) is essential to this process. Our IELTS preparation sessions are individually tailored and taught by certified and experienced teachers.
Does your teen love books, cinema, theater, roleplaying, or fantasy? Do they enjoy creating stories of their own?

Join an online workshop series focused on creating literature and theater in English!
This is a joint project of LinguaCom studio and Shakespeare in the Rough Theater.
Finding time to read..."It's tricky. Even impossible. When am I ever going to find time to read?"In theory, we know that reading is a wise and healthy habit. But to what extent?
At LinguaCom, we believe that reading is essential to our mental health and intellectual well-being. That is why, every Thursday afternoon, at 1 p.m. (Israel time) we meet online to read, discuss, and engage in intellectual conversation and share our love for books. Spiced up with occasional meetings with writers, linguists, and translators, our Book Club sessions are a way to turn reading into a habit you won't abandon.
In collaboration with the state-registered ulpan "Keilot Koltot", LinguaCom provides Hebrew language courses on the following levels: alef, bet, gimel, and dalet.
We accept both private students and also olim, whose studies are sponsored by "voucher" program. To get more information about the upcoming courses, please fill in the form below.