How to Use ChatGPT to Prepare for IELTS Writing?

Using ChatGPT as a Personal Writing Coach
The famous AI model, Chat GPT can help you make some progress with your writing.
It's good news, as it's completely free.
Let us discuss a few ways we can apply ChatGPT for IELTS writing preparation.
  • To start, open a new chat on the ChatGPT main page:
  • The next step is to write a prompt: "Imagine you are an IELTS examiner. Provide feedback to the following essay". Then, just copy-paste your essay and the text of the task into the chat window:

  • Then, hit "Enter" and just wait for AI to produce the response. Watch this short video to see what happens:

  • Now we can ask ChatGPT to make a list of grammatical errors in the essay:

  • Also, you can ask GPT to make suggestions of how to increase your vocabulary range (the diversity of words you are using to write the task).

  • Another important aspect of an IELTS score is coherence and cohesion. In other words, how logical your essay is and how well your arguments are organised. You can ask GPT to recommend how to improve it:

  • Finally, it is possible to ask GPT to rewrite the whole essay to provide us with a sample of a higher-scoring task:

  • There are many other prompts that can be used to fine-tune the output. Just be creative and ask for the feedback that you need. CAUTION! AI cannot replace a real IELTS trainer/examiner. It is a great language model, but it still makes mistakes pretty often and its feedback is NOT 100% reliable.
Good luck with your IELTS preparation!
April, 23 / 2023

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