LinguaCom English for Companies

Business English training tailored to your company's needs
Why Choose LinguaCom
You can focus on recruiting talented employees, while we take care of their English
  • 1
    We work only with highly-experienced teachers with at least 5 years of experience and use approved Oxford and Cambridge study programs and materials along with our own creative training plans to guarantee the maximal result.
  • 2
    Measurable results
    We offer language level testing at the beginning and at the end of each stage, as well as a post-course assessment.
  • 3
    We believe that people study differently, therefore we offer a variety of learning formats to suit our students' preferences:
    - learning and practice sessions
    - guest interview sessions
    - coworkings
    - TED-style trainings
    - writing workshops

  • 4
    Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. We are happy to consider your goals in our training.
  • 5
    Great client relations
    We like to make people happy. We ask our clients about their birthday and prepare cool congrats. We keep our learners engaged all week by our community chat interaction and monthly guest sessions. We care about each and every student and increase their learning efficiency by helping them integrate English learning into their busy schedules.
  • 6
    Real-life experience shaped by your company's needs
    We care about your goals: to create our proposal we analyse the purpose of training, the roles and positions of the participants, their English proficiency and availability, as well as your budget and deadlines.
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Why Choose LinguaCom:
Team Development, Community Spirit
We work hard every day to help our clients communicate in English with confidence.
And all this - in a fun way!
  • Live sessions
    We are the leading firm by delivering quality and value to our clients.
  • Support
    Our managers are always ready to answer your questions.
  • Productivity tools
    Learning is a demanding process. We provide our students with technological and learning tools to guarantee their progress. We don't push - each person moves at their own pace and in their own unique way.
  • Individual Approach
    LinguaCom works according to the principle of individual approach to every client. This method allows us to achieve success at all levels.
Corporate English solution for your company
...and a community where English learning is fun.
We save your time by taking care of language assessment, goal-oriented training and skills development
Everything we do is 100% online, from the comfort of your team's office or home.
Clear goals, measurable results and enjoyable learning experience
The simplest way to start
Book a Zoom meeting with us
Talk to us about your goals, preferences, budget and deadlines.
Proceed our proposal
We create a proposal tailored to your needs.
Once confirmed, we can get started!
Put us in contact with your workers, and we'll take it from there.
We offer each of our enrolled students a 30-minute professional consultation with one of our teachers to assess their level and fine-tune or study plans even more.
Our clients
Online English language training for teams and executives in a real-life format
We are ready to start right now, are you?