Gamify Your Classroom!
An adventure workshop for teachers who aren't afraid of pirates.
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What is gamification about?
Fantasy & imagination
Real-life skills
Natural learning
About us

We are a team of teachers and linguists who believe teaching is a creative process. We enjoy it and wish our students would love it just as much.
We are happy to share our insights and inspiration with other colleagues!
Nice to meet you!
We are LinguaCom's creative team:

Tanya Rozanes Olevsky, the CEO of LinguaCom, a
consultant, a lecturer, and a business and academic English teacher;
Maya Agai - special education professional, elementary schoo Englishl teacher, and a tech-pro;
Anya Farfel-Litovsky - an academic English teacher, a linguist and a curriculum developer.

In our workshop, the participants will actively test-drive an entertaining and motivation-stimulating technique we have developed and used with our EFL students. The technique integrates an exciting storyline, technological tools, and role play along with classic curriculum elements and is based on gamification approach to learning
About the workshop
Our workshop's goal is to present a role-play based gamification technique, which is an effective and motivating frame for studying English in groups of students of various age groups, but especially elementary and junior high.
In our workshop, the participants are going to join us on an exciting journey to the "Magic Castle" where "the treasure of the King is hidden." The audience will perform tasks, solve riddles, participate in discussions and negotiations, fight the pirates and even meet the Magician in its attempt to gain XP points and earn game money.
What you will get
Each participant will experience how students interact and learn in the framework of our technique. We will share not only some elements of the storyline, but also materials, ideas and technological solutions for creating a unique and attractive study experience for young learners.
The components of our workshop
The workshop includes a hands-on demonstration of the technique and a short Q&A session. Handouts and participant kits will be provided. Let the Games Begin-Gamify Your Classroom.
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