IELTS Preparation Course
The course provides a complete overview of the test as well as much interactive practice, an elaborate plan of self-study, and detailed feedback for a number of writing assignments.
The course is divided into 4 modules according to the parts of the test: Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening
490 NIS /week *
The price includes:
- 1.5 hour Zoom meetings*2 per week
- Detailed self-study plan
- Feedback to submissions
*There is a special 12.5 % dicsount to members of "Studies in England" Facebook society

Course start:
June 1st, 2021
Duration: 8 weeks

Course end:
July 29th / August 5th
Hours: 8:30 am - 10:00 am
Tuesdays and Thursdays

It's online
All the materials are adjusted to online learning

Even if you miss a lesson, you get all the materials along with the session recording
4 Modules
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What you will learn
You will learn the detailed structure of each part of the test.
You will learn how your skills are evaluated.
You will learn grammatical topics relevant for the test.
You will learn and practice test-taking skills.
You will learn how to talk on the test interview.
You will learn how to write reports and essays.
You'll learn how to listen to monologues, dialogues, lectures, and discussions, take notes and answer questions.
You will learn fast-reading strategies and the structure of academic reading passages.
Course program
Who will benefit from this course
Applicants to universities and colleges in the UK and other European countries / Visa applicants
The course will help you master your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills as well as develop effective test strategies.
Career advancement
The course will help you develop the language skills necessary for making a leap in your career/business development.
The program is designed to integrate interactive Zoom sessions and self-study at a time that suits your lifestyle. A group chat will be set up for the course participants.
PLEASE NOTE: During the course, you need to book 2-4 hours a day for extra practice.
Course tutors
  • Tanya Rozanes Olevsky
    IELTS trainer, language mentor and consultant, translation trainer in Lifshitz College
  • Helen Askell
    Teacher, IELTS trainer, consultant for the British Council in Portugal

The learning process
Sign up, register and get Calendar invitations to our Zoom meetings
Participate in the meetings, download your materials and start self-work!
Communication and feedback. Discuss your homework with peers and receive feedback from your tutor. Submit your assigments and get feedback.
Graduation. Get ready for the test. Get extra tips and encouragement from us and other group members.

Tanya, Helen and Lena are a super team! Their teaching and guidance made with enthusiasm, patience and care. The team's method, directions and tips proved to be highly helpful on test day and during the preparation as well. Your constant care and support is highly appreciated and are above and beyond of what I expected! I'd like to thank you for helping me to improve my English and get prepared to my IELTS exam. I highly recommend taking lessons or join one of Linguacom programs.

Yuval Katz

I actually got a 6.5 in average, which is exactly what I needed for most schools - that's amazing! The course was helpful and well-structured. Tanya and Helen are professional trainers. They gave me the tools I needed to push my English skills to a new level in only two months’ time. I was so happy to achieve the score I needed on my first test. Thanks a lot for your patience and all the great materials.

Graphical Designer
The course provided all the necessary information about the test structure and enough materials for self-study. Trainers, Tanya and Helen, were very informative and responsive to any questions I asked. Talking about the test, it was very cumbersome and difficult but surprisingly I got a 7 overall, and even 7.5 in Speaking! I enjoyed the course very much. Tanya is a great and motivated tutor that focuses on students’ success! Highly recommended.

Product Designer
NIS 3920
Pricing options
NIS 3430*
For members of Study in England Facebook Group
full price for the 8-week study program
Pricing options
When the view of an image is influenced by the lights.
Best value
Visual communication takes place through pictures, graphs, and charts.
The view of images in the critical perspective.
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