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Experimenting with educational technology is fun: I’ve just test-ridden HILMA’s educational platform for English learners “Capish”. The platform assists learners at all levels in developing reading comprehension skills...

As I currently mostly teach adults, I sometimes struggle to find content that is engaging, up-to-date, and, at the same time, learner-friendly. Sometimes I find great texts, but they are not adopted for a lesson. Sometimes the opposite occurs: great form, but not-so-great content.

With “Capish”, I was happy to find plenty of articles related to the topics my current student loves, which is travel, adventure, and technology. This week we read a text dedicated to a train line in southwest China's Chongqing that runs through the building.

As a teacher, I particularly enjoyed the fact that the progress is shown on the screen, right next to the text, so there is this constant feeling of accomplishment that accompanies the process.

Some questions require an open answer, and my student loved the fact that he can always opt to record a voice instead of typing, as he often learns on his way somewhere.

Thanks to HILMA for letting me try this product, and hope other teachers will enjoy it as well.

August 29 / 2023

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Text author: Tanya Rozanes Olevsky

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