Reading for fun: a luxury or a key to success?

Why do I assert that reading for fun is the key habit for being successful?
Quite simply, it's a multi-purpose tool that enhances your life and boosts brain power...
Here are some other benefits I believe reading brings to our soft skill development:

Reading is communication.
Good writers usually possess deep knowledge of human nature. Interacting with their ideas makes us wiser. They bring important issues and new, subtle concepts to our attention. On top of that, reading allows us to empathize with characters, understand different perspectives, and learn about diverse cultures and times.

This enhanced empathy and understanding can make us better communicators and collaborators in real life.

Reading is Concentration.
As we dive into the world of a certain book, with its own rules, heroes, and vibes, your brain builds a holistic picture of what is happening and what it looks like. That is like a magic mind map we hold together with the power of our focus.
Thus, reading boosts our ability to integrate ideas when we contemplate a problem in the real world.

Reading is creativity.
Good authors combine words in an unusual, unhacked manner. That is why, through reading, we gain a new and rich palette of associations that, beyond plain logic, provide us with more intuitive connections between ideas and things. Our decision-making becomes more agile and inventive.
Reading fuels the creative thinking and problem-solving skills we need so much for success in almost any endeavour.

Reading is a huge investment in oneself.

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August 23 / 2023

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Text author: Tanya Rozanes Olevsky

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