Storytelling Tools for Fantasy.

"Antonio Pigafetta, a Florentine navigator who went with Magellan on the first voyage around the world, wrote, upon his passage through our southern lands of America, a strictly accurate account that nonetheless resembles a venture into fantasy. ... He described how the first native encountered in Patagonia was confronted with a mirror, whereupon that impassioned giant lost his senses to the terror of his own image." (G.G. Marquez,1982)

Marquez considered reality to be the most fantasmogoric, utopian (or anti-utopian) thing, whereas the writer's duty, according to him, was to "engage in the creation of the opposite utopia. A new and sweeping utopia of life, where no one will be able to decide for others how they die, where love will prove true and happiness be possible, and where the races condemned to one hundred years of solitude will have, at last and forever, a second opportunity on earth."

Suggested creative writing practice: create three short stories about regular objects of your choice (a book, a phone, an old picture) that turn into fantasy objects when misplaced in a different setting (an indigenous tribe, 100 years ago, from the past into the present). Enjoy your writing!
August 9 / 2023

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