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We selected the best apps to help you prepare for the IELTS speaking test.
A huge part of IELTS preparation is merely improving your English level. That is the reason a careful choice of a good advanced grammar book is essential to one's success on a test. We selected the best grammar books essential for IELTS preparation.
Being able to identify keywords is essential for your success on IELTS/TOEFL tests, especially for the reading assignments. Read this short tutorial to get confident in identifying keywords.
Meet Wordtune - a tool that helps you write like a pro!
In this article, we share our ultimate list of the very best Youtube channels dedicated to IELTS test preparation.
Podcasts are a perfect way to integrate English into your busy routine. This is a collection of professional business podcasts that contain up-to-date topics related to the business world
IELTS preparation is a long-term process that can last for months and that requires your full commitment. Therefore, it is super-important to know what are its "hidden icebergs" before you dive in.

Let's see what are the 5 most typical mistakes to avoid.
This article presents the list of tools that will change the way you write. FOREVER.
Learn how to express your opinion in English even if you are not sure what to say. In this article, you will find 5 quick steps to form your answer and some expressions to use to make it sound professional.
How can you define your English level? How much time do you need for preparation? A mock test will help find out.
We can use AI-based ChatGPT to help with IELTS writing feedback
Sometimes you may know almost all the words in a text, but still miss the idea. You may think that you just need to learn even more words. But in fact, it's sometimes not the case...
Indeed, today, if your goal is to write excellent emails or to be able to translate documents or correspondence, you don’t need any reading or writing courses. #chatgpt and other #AI platforms are trained to do just that.

And yes, you do need one, if you'd like...
We've explored this question in our recent quest creation workshop in Sderot. We'd like to share the insights...
Explore Marquez's perspective on reality and writing's role in crafting alternate utopias, inspired by Pigafetta's encounter with a Patagonian native. Try the creative writing exercise of turning everyday objects into fantasy elements in different historical contexts.
Discover top platforms for engaging vocabulary learning. This resource offers dynamic lesson plans based on real-time news, fostering comprehensive comprehension and inclusivity by catering to various learning speeds with different reading levels.
Explore the power of language in shaping emotions through techniques like sentence structure, word choice, and intonation. This article demonstrates how effective writing can evoke feelings, illustrated by a suspenseful horror story example that uses concise sentences, repetitions, and hints to create anticipation and engage readers' emotions.
Elevate ordinary sentences into a chilling horror tale through descriptive embellishments. Witness a student's example as an empty street turns eerie, a tree transforms into a sinister entity, and a worm-infested apple gains a repulsive fascination. Intrigued by our creative reading and writing sessions? Leave your email for further details.
How to break language Plateaus and find ways to express yourself better.
How to master language nuances and build connections beyond words and grammar.
Feeling stuck in your language learning journey? Here are 5 tips to help you break through that plateau and deepen your understanding of English...
Why do I assert that reading for fun is the key habit for being successful?
Quite simply, it's a multi-purpose tool that enhances your life and boosts brain power.
Here are some other benefits I believe reading brings to our soft skill development...
Experimenting with educational technology is fun: I’ve just test-ridden HILMA’s educational platform for English learners “Capish”. The platform assists learners at all levels in developing reading comprehension skills...
The school year is about to start, and I’ve decided that it’s a good time to share my favorite AI tools for online English teaching...
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